Burg Wachter Vivo Plastic Post Box Silver 4922Si (Discontinued)

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Burg Wachter Vivo Post Box Silver 4922Si

  • Invisible locking system

  • Technically perfect construction

  • Extremely weatherproof

  • EN 13724 checked

  • With opening stop

  • With snap-in mechanism

  • Available in the colours white and silver

  • Insertion format DIN C4

    (W x H: 251 x 32 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 430 x 300 x 154 mm

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The designer plastic letter box Vivo

The high-quality plastic letter box Vivo from BURG WACHTER scores with a chic design and practical handling.

Optically and technically constructed in a perfect way

The perfected design of the Vivo scores: The accurate construction and the minimalistic touch make it a real winner.
The technically perfected construction blends with the appealing look. The lock is completely hidden and flatters the overall design. With the snap-in mechanism of the letter box door, collecting your post is especially comfortable. The key can be pulled out and the door only needs to be pushed back for closing.

The insertion slot is in the format DIN C4 and eases the insertion. The practical opening stop of the door ensures easy collection. The entire construction is checked according to EN 13724.

If required you can purchase a separate newspaper box to match your Vivo post box. The model 4900 would fit perfectly.

Extremely weather protected due to high-quality plastic

This designer letter box made of plastic is not only chic but also hard-wearing, easy to clean and extremely weatherproof. For cleaning, simply use a clean, wet cloth.

Letter box mounting

Even though the Vivo is especially weatherproof, BURG WACHTER recommends that you mount it in a weather protected area to ensure optimal durability. To set up your BURG WACHTER letter box in a place of your choice you can purchase an additional stand.