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Colour: White

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x Burg Wachter Jumbo Freestanding Postbox 942 W (White)

Burg Wachter Jumbo Freestanding Postbox 942 W (White)

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Burg Wachter Jumbo Freestanding Postbox 942 W (White)

  • Large-capacity exterior letter box made of galvanised steel

  • Conforms EN 13724

  • Sturdy set-up

  • For one or two users – removable shelf

  • Usable with or without pointed roof

  • H x W x D without roof: 950 x 388 x 268 mm

  • With comfort-depth

  • With built-in opening stop

  • Available in the colours white, silver and green

  • Insertion format DIN C4

    (W x H: 327 x 32 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 1070 x 482 x 305 mm

  • Fixing material included

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The free-standing Jumbo letter box with a spacious interior

The free-standing Jumbo is the perfect letter box for all those who regularly receive a lot of post. You can confidently leave this letter box for days.

Practical design: Versatile use

This letter box offers a secure place for a lot of post. It is suitable for one or two users: For individual use the shelf can be removed so that double the space becomes available.  Furthermore, the insertion flap can be exchanged with a blind.
Due to the sturdy construction, you can confidently leave your post alone for numerous days, for example during a vacation.
Additionally, the shapely pointed roof makes the letter box a real eye catcher.

Further practical details like the opening stop of the door make the collection of your post especially easy and convenient. The insertion format DIN C4 can also easily take larger envelopes.

The letter box conforms the EN 13724.

Steel construction for a sturdy set-up

The Jumbo is especially suitable for free mounting outdoors. The galvanised and qualitatively coated steel material protects the inside from weather at all times.
The drillings for a sturdy floor fixing are already existent and are covered up by the shelf. With the help of the included fixing material, assembly is quick and simple.

Tip: Even though the Jumbo is very weather-resistant, it is advisable to set it up in a weather-protected area to ensure maximum durability. This way, it will serve you well for a long time.

The fixing material and an assembly manual are included.