Burg Wachter Borkum Post Box Stainless Steel 3877Ni

Product Description

Product Data

Burg Wachter Borkum Post Box Stainless Steel 3877Ni

  • Dimensions H 322mm x W 362mm x D 100mm

  • Postal Slot format DIN C4 W 333mm x 34mm

  • Simple, spacious letter box

  • EN 13724 checked

  • Can be used to create banks of postboxes (Pre-drilled version available)

  • Stainless steel, rustproof

  • Opening stop

  • Varnished with transparent protection varnish

  • Fixing material included

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The spacious stainless steel letter box Borkum – also suitable for banked installation

The Borkum is a simple model made of high-quality stainless steel. This exterior letter box is fully varnished with a protective coating and can also be used for banked installations.

Good capacity for a high volume of post

The inside of the Borkum offers enough capacity for post, newspapers, magazines and much more. The inside is always reliably sheltered from humidity and wetness. The integrated opening stop of the door eases the collection of your letters and prevents your post falling out while emptying.
You want to mount several letter boxes together? No problem at all: The Borkum from BURG-WACHTER is also available with four pre-drilled holes for an installation in banks (Order product Code 'pre-drilled 3877 Ni')
The high-quality letter box is EN 13724 checked.

Optionally, if you want to receive your newspapers separately, you can choose the Borkum with intergrated newspaper holder (Order product code 38770 Ni).

Stainless steel varnished with transparent protective coating

The already resistant stainless steel material of the Borkum has also been varnished with a transparent protective coating. With this, the letter box is double protected against weather and other external factors. Additionally, the stainless steel material is easy to clean and maintain, simply use a wet and clean cloth on a regular basis.

Mounting of the letter box

Just to make sure: Even though the letter box Borkum is optimally protected against wind and weather, BURG-WACHTER advises  not to expose it to permanent or direct weather. This way it will keep its durability.
For a quick and easy installation, the mounting material is already included. With this model, you have the chance to mount it in a weather protected area at your exterior wall, together with other letter boxes of this model (bank installation) or freely with a matching stand (to be purchased separately).